Kalitta Charters, LLC and AMR Air Ambulance proudly announce a collaboration of services to provide the ultimate Air Ambulance experience. While many of you have relied on each of these services for several years, an opportunity during the strategic planning of each business has lead us to assemble one of the largest collaborations in the history of the Air Ambulance Industry. Together, Kalitta MedFlight and AMR Air Ambulance are able to provide our customers with the most cost efficient, safest, and most reliable Air Ambulance service available. This collaboration allows each of us to continue what we are known for and what we do best! Each company offers years of expertise with the Kalitta name known in the aviation industry for more than 35 years and AMR being in the medicine industry for over 20 years. Together, we now offer our customers the best of both crucial aspects of Air Medical Transport with one simple phone call.

All requests for domestic or international air medical transportation will be facilitated by the AMR communications center. The medical aspects of the flight will be coordinated by AMR medical staff while operational control, including logistics of the mission, will be coordinated by Kalitta Charters.

We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to continuing to provide air medical transport for all of our valued customers.

For Air Ambulance Transportation or Commercial Medical Escort, please call 800-424-7060

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